Produktive is an independent, fresh thinking IT company, based in central London, which specialises in e-commerce. Our intelligent and energetic staff design, develop and manage complex e-commerce platforms to create bespoke websites and promote successful business.

From coffee to cameras, the Produktive group has produced popular websites for a plethora of products, which are not only attractive and easy to use, but are also generating ever increasing revenues. We always integrate the latest technology and are not afraid to develop our own codes, systems and programmes. We deliver outstanding search results using SEO (search engine optimisation) and produce increased sales conversions via upselling/cross selling products. We also design and orchestrate intriguing advertising campaigns to improve product and business awareness.

Our innovative approach gives us the edge over the run-of-the-mill e-commerce packages you can buy off the shelf or purchase from other web design companies. We are confident that our knowledge and experience, together with our client-centred professionalism, is a winning strategy that delivers results.

55 St John St, London EC1M 4AN tel. 020 8180 8251 www.produktive.co.uk